Hello, my name is Victor Vorontsov and I’m a web and mobile designer. I started drawing interfaces for Nokia when there were even no iPhones and Android devices. For now I have 11 years of experience in UI design and Web design. During my career I’ve worked with Google, Nokia, Amazon, Appannex, IG and other famous clients.

million people use applications designed by me

My Goal

I love making something new and I always try to design better and better interfaces. I love making products that help my clients build strong business. My general goal is to grow as a professional and deliver better mobile interfaces and websites every day.

My Approach

First of all I want to learn as much as it possible about your project. Any information is useful for me. When all necessary information is gathered I send you my proposal with my solution and rough price (example).

I always start projects with drawing UI kit (example). The purpose of UI kit is to let you feel and touch your new interface before we started going deeply with UX and prototypes. So you get more information about your product even in the beginning of your project.

After UI elements are approved I continue with UX as the second part of the project. And then I draw all the screens we need. I deliver you all designs as .psd files and give you styleguide with all measures so it's easier for your programmer to implement my designs.

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