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The best interactive handbook app of mathematical formulas on your iOS and Android devices

math helper

Math Helper is the best app, which solves calculus problems and shows step by step solution. It's easy - you enter mathematical problems and get the answer and detailed solution.

mediant LLC
ios, android
UX Prototyping, ui Design, Marketing
Time spent
172 Hours
Project Cost
$ 9000
Math Helper for iOS and Android User Interface designed by Victor Vorontsov
Math Helper for Android smartphones designed by Victor Vorontsov
for Android smartphones
Math Helper for iPhone designed by Victor Vorontsov
for iphone
Math Helper for Android tablets designed by Victor Vorontsov
for Android tablets
Math Helper for iPad designed by Victor Vorontsov
for ipad
Victor Vorontsov portrait photo
So many subjects

Math Helper includes any subject you may need. Here is a list of them: Derivatioves, Integrals, Limits, Geomytry Shapes, Basic Propetries and Facts, Factoring and Solving, Functions and Graphs, Series, Complex Numbers, Analytical Geometry, Probability Theory. It's solves any problem you may even imagine.

Victor Vorontsov portrait photo
Icons. Testing. Icons again. Testing Again.

I always test my graphics. And icon testing is one of the most important steps of design. When icons are created I test them on final users. And only users can help us with choosing the best variant.

24 icon concepts were designed
for Math Helper

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