Speed tracker

Elegant and unique combination of GPS speedometer and Trip computer in one app

Speed tracker

The most relevant and reliable GPS Speedometer and Trip Computer now on your iOS and Android devices. Learn how beautiful and authentic Speed Tracker is.

appannex LLC
ios, android
UX Prototyping, ui Design
Time spent
163 Hours
Project Cost
$ 6500
Speed Tracker iOS application preview designed by Victor Vorontsov
Speed Tracker for Android smartphones designed by Victor Vorontsov
android smartphones
Speed Tracker for iPhone designed by Victor Vorontsov
Speed Tracker for iPad designed by Victor Vorontsov
Speed Tracker for Android tablets designed by Victor Vorontsov
android tablets
I gave a piece of my heart
for every pixel

Pixel Perfect is not a rule or law for me, it's the way of thinking. I believe than everything is hidden in details. Detail change things. And patience is the best friend in this case.

The magic of perfect

Speed Tracker was featured by Apple in Apple App Store. That's right. So much work was done here and were rewarded by Apple jury.

Speed Tracker iOS and Android application featured in App Store

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Speed Tracker
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